Classic 208

Info & Details

The 208 line of UPS systems has been developed and adapted specifically for the lower voltages found in North American and includes the following products:

Power+ 10-100kVA modular UPS system

Power+ CLASSIC 20/30kVA modular UPS system

Power+ SA 10kVA standalone UPS system

and Rack Mount UPS systems.

Designed to maximize efficiency, the Power+ line features completely modular UPS systems uniquely designed to scale up as power requirements grow. The individual modules are entirely self-contained and ready for hot-swapping – without the need for complex and expensive stocks of components, subsystems, or spare parts.

The 208 line of UPS systems can be custom built to fit specific needs and are compatible with both 208V and 480V voltages. They adhere to the strict UL standards required in North America.


End of life. Please contact a Gamatronic sales representative to learn about UPS alternatives.