Rack Mount 50 / Rack Mount 100

Info & Details

Gamatronic’s Power+ Rack Mount 10-100kVA UPS system is the complete, optimal solution for server rooms and data centers.  Housed in 19″ uniform and modern cabinets, the unit integrates perfectly with existing data center design.


  • UPS
  • Bypass circuit for maintenance – Typically used for general system maintenance, the circuit allows the system to be isolated from the main power supply, providing power to users directly from the grid.   The circuit replaces the need for an additional bypass circuit on the electric board, saves space on the board, and saves on any additional wiring costs.
  • Internal battery cabinet –  Battery wiring, cut-off switches, and fuses are installed inside the cabinet. Battery shelves in the cabinet are designed as drawers that allows for both hot and cold replacement of batteries. Internal battery cabinet is available for 10-50kVA systems only.  External cabinet available for systems with an output of 10-100kVA.


  1. 10 – 50kVA
  2. 10 – 100kVA

System output can be increased at any time without disruption to the load. Modules and the controller can be replaced during while the system is online. As a result, there is almost no need to shut down the system.

End of life. Please contact a Gamatronic sales representative to learn about UPS alternatives.


  • Modular system is available with N + 1 or N + N modularity
  • Smart controller can be replaced without disruption to the load. A fault in the controller will not harm the user or the system.
  • High performance specifications including a 96% efficiency rating