Utilities, Oil & Gas

Proper infrastructure and utilities providing constant energy are vital to a functioning society in today’s world. There is no room for failure for critical loads. The utility and energy sector is yet another domain that needs highly-efficient and reliable uninterruptible power protection.

Gamatronic Electronic Industries Ltd. provides power solutions for companies and application in the field of energy and utilities. Gamatronic focuses on reliability and efficiency to ensure safety, optimization, risk reduction, and cost saving in protecting and backing up mission-critical facilities. The range of applications is expansive and includes hydro-generating plants, diesel plants, gas turbine facilities, gas tankers, gas stations, solar energy, electrical companies and nuclear power plants to name a few. Gamatronic’s UPS, frequency converters, DC/AC inverters ensure reliable power be it from the production of oil to its accurate measurement and secure distribution.

Gamatronic’s line of control and management (C&M) products enables you to remotely monitor and manage your critical power.

Gamatronic serves customers all over the world and its solutions are customized and implemented to meet their diverse needs.